5 Ways Companies Can Prevent Employee Credit Card Fraud

In this new age world where technology rules almost every sphere of life, monetary transactions of all kinds and quantities are being conducted via electronic channels.

The convenience of owning and using credit cards on a regular basis far outstrips the practice of carrying money in wallets all the time. With this increasing dependency on plastic money, the risks of credit card fraud too have increased.

5 Ways Companies Can Prevent Employee Credit Card Fraud

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For business organizations, preventing employee fraud has become a major responsibility. In a world where criminal intent is backed with superior technology, undertaking this responsibility has proven to be a challenge. However, armed with the fraud prevention policies and certain measures, that we have discussed herein, companies can go a long way in ensuring their own interests as well as the financial and personal safety of their employees.

For companies that provide their employees with a credit card for business related expenses it is a must to have a written and clearly detailed policy. Even though there are a number of responsible people in the world who would rather follow the norms than abuse their privileges, there are many more who believe in using these professional privileges for personal materialistic motives.

Even though, most of the times using a company charge card for personal purposes is a rather futile attempt at saving money, for there are always records of the expenditure detailing the purchase, the cost, the date and time and place which help the company to find the user of the card, it does not deter many who have ignoble intent.

For owners of businesses, simply taking for granted that each employee will be aware of, appreciative and willing to follow an unwritten code of honorable conduct is a rather precarious assumption. It is a financial risk of extreme proportions, for in the case of a credit card fraud, even if the offender is apprehended; the company stands to lose vast amounts of money.

Simply having a detailed and documented company policy is not enough. In times where criminal intent and activity flourished unbounded, it is the duty of business owners to back their company policies with legal measures. Having an unspecified code of conduct or even a written down company policy is not enough for ensuring justice in the court of law. It is important for all business organizations to have a clearly outlined company policy that enlists all the rules regarding company charge card use as well as the legal ramifications that will be enforced in case of wrongdoing. Documents pertaining to the same must be presented to each employee for reading and an agreement regarding the same must be signed. Even though there are instances in which these documents are not admissible in legal cases, they are a means of proving that the employee is aware of and agreed to the company credit card policy.

When issuing cards to employees, businesses organizations should team up with the charge card company for choosing a plan that best ensures all financial safety and includes measures against any form of fraud or misuse. There are various programs and measures available that can negate these risks to a great extent. Credit cards can be written with a certain code which entirely blocks their usage in specific places. These codes are known as Merchant Category Classification codes, and when built into the cards, forbid their usage in places like casinos, nightclubs etc. Also, company owners can determine the expenditure limits of the credit cards that they issue and have a policy system that calls for express authorization in cases of large expenses.

Surveys and studies have unearthed the fact that some of the biggest credit card frauds are actually performed by venerable and trusted employees. Exempting a favored or high- level employee from scrutiny because of their position or relationship with the organization might lay the groundwork for inducing malpractices. The expenditure and credit card usage of each employee and member of the firm should be appraised by an auditing firm.

Some employers are hesitant of reminding their employees of the credit card policy for a number of psychosocial reasons. However, leaving matters unspoken and ambiguous creates more possibilities of risk. Company owners should reinforce policy norms in even the slightest cases of neglect. Excusing misbehavior will only set the wrong tone for the rest of the employees. An example must be set for the entire organization and business owners have to make it absolutely clear to the employees

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